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RNG and LNG Solutions for Heavy Transportation


Converting your trucking fleet to natural gas can lead to significant fuel cost savings. The lower cost of natural gas fuel remains and is expected to remain stable while diesel costs continue to rise, making natural gas the economical choice.

Using natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel to power your trucking fleet not only provides you with low-cost, but also provides a low-emissions solution for reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources. Making America less dependent on foreign oil is a national priority.

Nopetro Energy offers comprehensive solutions to optimize your operations and equipment through a custom designed program that utilizes CNG. Moreover, we are committed to covering the entire conversion cost, ensuring a seamless transition for your organization.


Many processing in the industrial and chemical sectors rely primarily on petroleum and propane for heat generation. Processes like the production of glass, plastics and asphalt. Converting these operations to run on RNG or LNG power will generate significant savings, optimize productivity, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Industries We Facilitate | Industrial Energy Solutions Company


A distributed power system running on LNG can deliver reliable, clean electricity to multiple locations, including off-grid industrial facilities, mining operations, and remote communities. The use of LNG is more affordable, and significantly better for the environment.

Industries We Facilitate | Industrial Energy Solutions Company


Year after year mining operations consume a considerable amount of petroleum fuel through mine haul trucking, remote heat, power and other significant operations. Newer technically advanced mining engines are able to achieve high horsepower outputs with LNG fuel. Other equipment, such as industrial boilers and power generators, can also be easily modified to run on natural gas. 


Farms commonly use heat — from poultry production and drying crops to heating greenhouses and nurseries. These activities and others can run safely on LNG, while generating substantial savings and benefiting the environment.

Industries We Facilitate | Industrial Energy Solutions Company


Severe regulatory pressure from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has global shipping companies, cruise lines, and ferries all choosing LNG as the best option to meet environmental compliance. LNG can even be integrated with RNG providing this sector with a zero carbon solution. Not to mention these companies are also generating substantial fuel savings.


Large hotels use extensive amounts of diesel and propane in order to power common areas, heat pools, provide sanitary services, and offer countless amenities. Substituting LNG for fossil fuels will generate substantial savings, while giving these hotels something to be proud of — a greener environmental footprint.