Nopetro Energy adds Hyatt as VP of Business Development

Kevin Hyatt as VP of Business Development at Nopetro Energy

Miami, FL – From “wellheads to burner tips,” Kevin Hyatt has spent his entire career in the energy business. Now, he’s shifted his focus from petroleum to clean energy; from “Texas Tea” to helping lead Florida’s Nopetro Energy and its focus on developing renewable natural gas resources.   

Hyatt has been named Sr. Vice President for Business Development at Nopetro Energy. He will work with colleagues at Nopetro Energy to grow the company’s renewable natural gas platform, which converts harmful gases from wastewater treatment facilities and landfills into clean energy.

“Kevin knows this industry inside and out and he’s ready to apply his experience from his time in Texas to the transformative energy vision Nopetro Energy is advancing,” Nopetro Energy CEO Jorge Herrera said. “We couldn’t be more excited to have him join our growing team.”

Hyatt’s experience in the energy sector is beyond diverse and includes: energy financial analysis, natural gas supply and marketing, liquid and gas pipeline asset development, gas processing, electric power marketing, gas liquids marketing, and strategic mergers and acquisitions. “This is the transformative future of energy and I’m incredibly excited to play a role with this fast-moving company,” Hyatt said. “Nopetro Energy is leading the way when it comes to RNG, LNG and CNG and I’m ready to help spread the word.”

Hyatt is passionate about advancing Nopetro Energy’s RNG business: “You can take a county landfill flaring natural gas and show a monetary benefit of recovering it and using it as energy more sustainable and environmentally responsible than the current solution – that’s a win all around.”

Nopetro Energy is a fast-growing energy infrastructure company with a mission to transform the world through smarter energy solutions and end petroleum dependency. Nopetro Energy owns and operates natural gas distribution facilities, and is the long-term energy partner to transit agencies, school districts, public works divisions and Fortune 500 companies.

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