RNG & LNG Production and Distribution Facilities | Nopetro Energy

Production and Distribution

We produce and distribute renewable and liquefied natural gas from our custom-designed, fully-owned and operated production and distribution plants.

Production Facilities

RNG Production

At our state-of-the-art RNG production plants waste from feedstocks is converted into pipeline quality natural gas.

Without the production of RNG, the leftover waste from landfills, dairy farms, and wastewater treatment facilities would break down and release biogas into the atmosphere. This biogas makes up a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions each year, with roughly 26% of the total coming from landfills and dairies.

Our RNG plants are able to capture the biogas (50% methane and 50% impurities) at the source before it escapes. We clean the gas by removing the impurities, leaving only the methane (or renewable natural gas). From there, we can inject this new RNG straight into our nation’s network of pipelines for distribution across different RNG fueling facilities and power plants.

*RNG is not a fossil fuel since it does not involve drilling into the ground.

LNG Production Plants

Our LNG plants cool pipeline natural gas to -260° F for safe and efficient transportation as an energy dense liquid.

As a liquid, natural gas occupies 600 times less space in volume when compared to its gaseous form allowing for more economic storage. Taking up less space also leads to more practical transport over great distances. In the long run, LNG plants are able to save big on the costs of storage capacity, transport vehicles, and more.

RNG Fueling Station | Nopetro Energy

RNG Fueling Stations

At Nopetro fueling stations, RNG is taken out of the pipeline and compressed into medium and heavy duty vehicles and buses. By transitioning these large fuel consuming customers, we are substantially displacing petroleum usage and improving the environment.

LNG Storage

LNG from our plant storage tanks is offloaded into cryogenic storage containers to be transported and delivered directly to our clients. These operations are handled much in the same manner as petroleum distribution. Only a few necessary modifications are needed to allow any typical fueling operation to accept natural gas.

Our approach providing the service

Our operations are specifically tailored to each client’s specific needs. We create perfectly customized solutions to operational requirements, and oversee and manage the integration of any additional systems or equipment for LNG and RNG consumption.

RNG and LNG Production and Distribution Facilities




Nopetro’s P3 project with Central Florida’s LYNX transit system included fueling expansive state-of-the-art CNG infrastructure, maintenance facility upgrades, CNG bus fleet conversion and a revenue sharing component.